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Windscreen Protection Film

Windscreen Protection Film

Protect your windscreen 
with stek dynoflex

STEK DYNOflex Windscreen Protection Film is designed to protect your car against road debris and cracks. It is the ultimate choice for windshield protection!


What does windscreen
protection film do?

  • Keep the integrity of your car by protecting the factory original windscreen
  • Save money on expensive replacement windscreens and recalibrating sensors
  • Increase your road safety by avoiding a cracked windscreen
  • Thanks to its hydrophobic property DYNOflex also offers excellent weatherproofing, effectively preventing damage caused by harsh climates.

Benefits of windscreen protection

  • Helps protect windscreens from stone chips
  • Increases future resale value of vehicles
  • Saves hundreds in replacement screens
  • Quick to install
  • High impact resistance
  • Outstanding clarity
  • 99% UV rejection
  • Hydrophobic
  • 1 year warranty against adhesion failure, peeling and delimitation


99% UV

Rock chip

Crack-free shock

the ultimate windscreen protection film

DYNOflex windscreen protection film is the ultimate road car windscreen protector.

Its TPU elastic layers allow stones to bounce off the windscreen thus avoiding stone chips and cracks into the glass, saving you from the hassle of replacing windscreens and the diminishing resale value from cutting out the factory original (OEM) seal and costly ADAS sensor re-calibration.

Classed as a semi-permanent film, it is quickly installed by our professional fitters. Its hydrophobic properties also offer excellent weatherproofing.

The longevity of the film is helped with the Formula QUARTZ ceramic coating and CURE 19 solution.

It is perfect for the protection a prestige cars, eliminating the need to wait for the availability of OEM windscreens and will protect original classic car screens. For logistics companies, fitting trucks with DYNOflex means less downtime while screens are
being replaced.


Classic Cars



Emergency services vehicles

about Windscreen Protection Film

Windscreen protection film, also known as windshield film or glass film, is a clear, adhesive film that is applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle's windscreen. It provides an additional layer of protection against chips, cracks, scratches, and other damage caused by road debris, UV rays, and environmental factors.

Windscreen protection film offers several benefits, including:

  • Protection against damage: The film acts as a barrier, reducing the risk of chips, cracks, and scratches on your windscreen.
  • UV radiation blocking: Many films have UV-blocking properties, which can help protect the interior of your vehicle from sun damage and fading.
  • Easy maintenance: The film is easy to clean and maintain, making it convenient for regular windscreen care.
  • Cost savings: By preventing damage to your windscreen, the film can help you avoid costly repairs or windscreen replacements.

Windscreen protection film is typically made of a durable, optically clear material, such as polyurethane or acrylic. The film is applied to the exterior surface of the windscreen using an adhesive. It forms a protective layer that absorbs impacts from small stones, debris, and other objects, preventing them from directly hitting and damaging the glass.

Windscreen protection film can be applied to most vehicles with glass windscreens. However, it's important to consult with a professional installer to ensure compatibility and proper fitment for your specific vehicle model.

The lifespan of windscreen protection film can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the film, driving conditions, and maintenance. STEK DynoFlex recommends changing the film every 12 months. High mileage on motorways may mean the film needs replacing more often so the longevity of the film will vary depending on its exposure to debris. Regular maintenance, including proper cleaning and avoiding abrasive materials, is essential to prolong the life of the film.

High-quality windscreen protection films are designed to be optically clear and should not impact visibility when properly installed. In some cases, it can improve visibility in rainy weather due to the hydrophobic material.

However, it's essential to choose a reputable brand such as STEK DYNOflex Windscreen protection and have the film installed by an experienced professional to ensure optimal clarity and minimal distortion.

Yes, windscreen protection film can be applied to other vehicle windows, such as side windows and rear windows. However, it's important to comply with local regulations and legal requirements regarding tinting and visibility. Some jurisdictions have restrictions on the darkness of window films, so it's advisable to check the specific regulations in your area.

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