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Vehicle Wrapping

Professional vehicle wrapping

Joyce Design were one of the first sign writers in the country to embrace vehicle wrapping and have stayed leagues ahead ever since. Our patience, methodical attention to detail and cutting-edge fitting techniques are just some of the reasons for our reputation of being one of the UK’s leading vinyl wrap specialists and has secured us long-term contracts with many global automotive and racing brands. 

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Why Joyce Design?

Benefits of using Joyce Design

Our fleet vehicle graphics are made bespoke to your requirements, including the design, shape and size. We can apply vehicle wraps to any size vehicle so no matter what vehicle you have, our design team have the necessary tools to successfully implement the bespoke vehicle graphics.
Most comprehensive warranties in the industry
Flexibility in design, materials, production times and fitting
UK-wide fitting service
Driven by innovation in processes, materials and technology, supported by 3M
Competitive rates guaranteed through our buying power and excellent account management skills
Accident Management Programme to minimise vehicle downtime

about Vehicle Wrapping

Prices will vary according to the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the curves and recesses on the vehicle. A typical exterior vehicle wrap (not including door shuts) should be around £1800 +vat. Customers beware: you really do get what you pay for! Cheap wraps invariably will disappoint and fail rapidly, with vinyl lifting and popping out of recesses, leaving bad residual glue on removal or worst even, scalpel marks on your paintwork!

Before spending your hard-earned money, check the quality and grade of the vinyl used – Joyce Design use industry leading 3M and Avery films. Check for accreditations to certify the skills of the installers – Joyce Design are 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers. Check for any warranties given on the work – Joyce Design are 3M Gold Select Partners.

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Joyce Design deliver premium car wraps - we use high quality cast wrap vinyl and train our fitters to the highest standards in the industry. A top-quality colour change wrap is cheaper than a first-class re-spray, equally it will be more expensive than a poor paint job. Make sure you compare like for like!

Vinyl wrap can be printed using any design to produce high-definition graphics to make your vehicle totally unique. Joyce Design employ a team of talented designers who are highly experienced at bringing 2D artwork to life on a 3D vehicle. This complex task requires a deep understanding of the vinyl install process. 


Digital wraps can be full coverage on the vehicle or part only. A selection of matte or gloss overlaminates are available to produce a different finish. 


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Sponsors are looking for maximum brand exposure in front of the right target audience. Their brand must be represented in a way that is consistent in every way with their other corporate activities, and this is where Joyce Design will deliver for your sponsors!

  • Motorsport livery will give you professionalism and therefore will attract major sponsors.
    • Striking race car graphics will generate high social media interest

Allowing a budget for quality motorsport graphics will help you find better sponsors, who in turn will allow you to invest in the all-important research and development required to have the best possible technology on the car to get you those podiums!

Vinyl wrap should never damage the paintwork of a car. You must ensure the vinyl wrap installer uses the appropriate specification of vinyl:  a high-quality cast wrap film such as 3M 1080 or 2080 range. Removing a wrap requires a little heat and some patience. Typically, it will take 6 hours to remove an exterior colour change wrap from a middle-sized car. There should only be a small amount of residual glue left on the paintwork which can easily be removed with a gentle detergent. Joyce Design are 3M accredited Vehicle Wrappers and are masters at applying colour change wraps. 

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At Joyce Design we offer vehicle wrapping services across the UK. We have a nationwide network which means you can experience Joyce Design difference where ever you are.

We offer local services to: Chelmsford, Colchester, Ipswich, Enfield