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Paint protection film, also called PPF, is essential to protect your vehicle from the rigours of everyday driving resulting from road debris, stone chips, scratches, road tar, bird lime or fuel stains. This specialist film is virtually invisible and has self-healing properties. It comes in a high gloss or matte finish, and the 3M Pro Series 200 film has hydrophobic properties for easy maintenance.


PPF Essex


Keeping the integrity of the original paintwork on your car will enhance its resale value and save you thousands in costly resprays. PPF is a clear UV-resistant urethane film that is conformable to curves to allow for a perfect fit. New prestige vehicles will hugely benefit from the paint protection film, but so can lease vehicles where it can decrease any penalty costs. The film is also perfect for vintage cars to protect the original paintwork and motorsport cars.

Benefits of Paint protection film

  • Protects paintwork from stone chips
  • Increases future resale value of vehicles
  • Decreases penalty costs for lease cars
  • Hides swirl marks on paintwork
  • Self-healing and stain-resistant properties

Prestige cars

Classic Cars

Motorsport Cars

Lease Vehicles

How does paint protect film work?

Each vehicle is thoroughly prepared before the installation of the paint protection film. We decontaminate the areas and machine polish the paintwork if necessary to make sure the finished application is flawless. We use patented electronic patterns to cut the film to the size of specific panels on the car. In cases where a vehicle doesn’t appear in our extensive pattern library, we can “bulk fit” the paint protection film, which means our expert installer will work off the roll of vinyl and trim in situ. The install takes place in our dedicated state-of-the-art premises: clean, well-lit and air-conditioned.
Paint Protection Film Essex

Paint Protection Film Coverage


  • Front bumper
  • Partial wings
  • Partial bonnet


  • Front bumper
  • Full wings
  • Full bonnet


  • Front end
  • Wing mirrors
  • Side sills


  • Full coverage
All prices include VAT

Detailing packages

Preparing the paintwork before applying PPF is crucial to achieve the best results. We offer various detailing packages to suit the needs of your car, depending on the level of paint correction required. On new cars, we still recommend a machine polish to get rid of any imperfections before applying PPF and / or ceramic coating. Full detailing will include a deep clean, clay bar, de-tar, full machine polish, 5-year ceramic coating including front face wheel ceramic and windows, using GTechniq accredited products.

about Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a clear, self-adhesive film that is applied to the surface of a vehicle's paint job to protect it from scratches, chips, and other types of damage. It is also known as PPF.

Paint protection film works by providing a physical barrier between the surface of the paint and external elements that could potentially damage it. It is made of a tough, flexible material that can withstand impacts and abrasions, and is applied to the surface of the paint to create a protective barrier.

The lifespan of paint protection film depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the film, the care and maintenance it receives, and the severity of the conditions it is exposed to. In general, high-quality paint protection film can last for several years, although it may need to be replaced or refreshed over time.

Yes, paint protection film can be removed if it is no longer needed or if it becomes damaged. It can be removed by a professional using specialized tools and techniques, or it can be removed by the vehicle owner with the use of a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive, followed by gently peeling the film off the surface.

However, we recommend seeking professional advice before removing your PPF.

PPF is an absolute must for prestige car owners who are keen to protect their car paintwork from the elements and road debris. There is no better technology available to preserve the original paint on your cars. The cost of paint protection film may seem high at first glance however, however it’s a tiny proportion of the cost of a supercar and will save owners thousands in paint correction and resprays; keeping the integrity of vehicles will also enhance their resale value. PPF is simply a no-brainer.

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