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Bespoke, professional vehicle badges

A special edition vehicle requires a stamp of identity that will set it apart. With years of experience as a Tier 1 supplier to the Automotive Industry, Joyce Design can offer high-quality 3D finish badges perfect to enhance brand image and offer strong visual impact.

We manage both short runs and large badge orders. As one of UK’s leading badges suppliers, we deal with UK motor manufacturers but also export our products internationally. All our badges are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standards and are REACH compliant. Production times will vary between 3 to 8 weeks depending on the badge type and its complexity in manufacture.

Make a statement for that special edition vehicle and promote your brand in style!


ABS Chrome plated badges

Chrome injection moulding is the proven standard technique used by the automotive industry for the production of vehicle badges. With their high-quality 3D finish, ABS chrome plated badges are perfect to enhance brand image and offer strong visual impact.

The initial tooling cost involved in their manufacturing makes this process more suitable to larger badge orders. They can be supplied with different types of finishes and are also available with colour in-fills.

Dome resin badges

The manufacture of dome resin badges doesn’t involve any set up costs and is therefore an ideal option for lower-run orders. Using the highest quality materials for their production, our dome resin badges offer the following:

Permanent adhesion to flat or curved surfaces
Scratch resistant
UV stable

Using state-of the-art digital printers and various high quality vinyls including metallised substrates, we can achieve amazing 3D effects such as chrome-like finishes.

Bespoke badge design

By working with Joyce Design, you’ll get the design and technological innovation you deserve to create unique and high-quality badges. Our award-winning design team will put their creativity to your project in the same way they do with our breath-taking vehicle wraps.

Design is at the heart of what we do and we have built our reputation in the automotive and commercial vehicle sector based on our creativity and dedication to supply outstanding work.

Why Joyce Design?

Benefits of using Joyce Design

Most comprehensive warranties in the industry
Flexibility in design, materials, production times and fitting
UK-wide fitting service
Driven by innovation in processes, materials and technology, supported by 3M
Competitive rates guaranteed through our buying power and excellent account management skills
Accident Management Programme to minimise vehicle downtime

about Automotive Badges

Our multi award-winning designers not only work on commercial graphics but also special projects that require to think outside the box (British Touring Car graphics, racing projects, art commission etc). Joyce Design use the latest digital design technology and invariably exceed expectations when it comes to creativity. Our design time is normally chargeable, but we will offer new customers 4 hours design time for initial artwork to demonstrate how we will take your brand on the road to the next level! Check our gallery at the top of the page for examples of our work. Before we produce anything, a pdf artwork will be emailed to you to discuss the design and make necessary revisions. Only the approved final artwork goes to print!

Vinyl is similar to paintwork in that the more you look after it, the longer it lasts. The more exposed to outside elements (sun, tree sap, etc) the more likely it will get damaged. Joyce Design use the highest grades of vinyl available on the market (3M and Avery are examples) and these will not shrink back or leave glue residue. Using the correct grade vinyl for each job is essential for longevity of the graphics and this is where people sometimes cut corner to save on cost. Do not be fooled by cheap wrap cost – you get what you pay for! With this in mind, quality wraps and graphics can last as long as 5-7 years.

The cost of vehicle graphics depends on 3 factors:

  • material usage (how much vinyl do we need for the job)
  • vinyl type (is specialist cast wrap vinyl required to handle curves and recesses or is polymeric vinyl sufficient for flat surface coverage)
  • complexity of the installation (how much time will it take to apply the vinyl)

Our account managers will talk you through price brackets depending on your budget, vehicles and branding objectives. We will advise on the best vinyl coverage and design type to match your expectations. Call us now to discuss or send us an email

Joyce Design will happily quote against your current graphics supplier to ensure you are given the best value for money. As explained above, the cost of graphics depends on material type, amount of vinyl used and complexity of the installation. But at Joyce Design we hold great buying power with leading vinyl manufacturer 3M thanks to volume purchasing and a positive long-term relationship. This enables us to pass cost savings onto our customers. Clever designing and intelligent vinyl utilisation at time of design setup also means we deliver unrivalled value for money.

Our custom-built premises in Chelmsford are the perfect controlled environment to install wraps and part-wrap graphics: clean, warm and well-lit. We can also come to your premises and thanks to our extensive network of fitters, we can install graphics UK-wide.  Dust, wind and extreme temperatures are to be avoided as they will affect the quality of the install. We often go to commercial vehicle dealers to apply graphics livery before your vehicle is even delivered.

This will depend on the graphics coverage. It may take as little as 1 hour for simple pre-cut lettering, half to a full day for part-wraps and a couple of days for complete wraps. Your account manager will advise once the design has been approved.

Joyce Design is a 3M Gold Select Partner offering the highest warranties in the industry. We also hold the 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper status and are ISO accredited. Our processes are sound and constantly audited thus ensuring your investment is in good hands.

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