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Door wrapping

Breath new life into your old
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At Joyce Design, we specialise in transforming old and tired doors with architectural film to make them look like new. By using the latest 3M interior wrap product DI-NOC, we offer hardwearing and stylish solutions for homes, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and more.

Experience the versatility and durability of vinyl door wraps. Our vinyl wraps are designed to withstand the test of time, resisting scratches, fading, and peeling. With a vast selection of colours, textures and finishes, you can achieve the perfect look for your doors while ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection.

Save money by upcycling
your existing doors

Doors can be very costly, in particular fire rated doors. They do tend to suffer from high traffic and high wear & tear. There is often nothing wrong with the doors structurally, but they will look old fashioned, scratched and perhaps not in keeping with a newly refurbished office.
Wrapping doors with 3M DI-NOC architectural film allow companies to select from over 1000 finishes to match their surroundings. There are hundreds of natural finishes like natural wood, stone or solid colour to choose from. It takes a matter of hours to wrap an existing door and very little to no disturbance to your environment.

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about Door Wrapping

Door wrapping is applying a specialist vinyl film onto the surface of a door to transform its appearance. It allows you to change your door's colour, texture, pattern, or design without the need for expensive replacements or renovations. You can use an architectural film that’s very long lasting or can apply a digitally printed wrap for a more funky and targeted imagery to your working or home environment.

Door wrapping can be done on most doors, including interior fire doors, wooden doors, metal doors and outside doors. However, it's important to consult with one of our professional account managers to ensure the compatibility of the door surface and the most appropriate wrapping material for the work.

Yes, one of the advantages of door wrapping is that it is a reversible process. If you decide to remove the door wrap in the future, it can be safely peeled off without causing much damage to the underlying door surface. The adhesive may peel off some lacquer on wooden doors, and leave some glue residue on metal doors, but nothing that can’t be fixed or cleaned off. It is always recommended to have a professional handle the removal to ensure the best results.

Yes, door wraps can be applied to doors with windows. In such cases, the vinyl film is carefully installed around the window area, leaving the glass untouched. This allows for a seamless appearance and ensures that the functionality of the windows is not compromised. The window frame can be wrapped the same colour as the door but note this is a lengthy process and you may want to consider painting the framework to save on cost and time.

Or if you're looking for window films we can offer a wide range of high-quality 3M Fasara Film

Door wraps are versatile and can conceal minor surface imperfections. However, significant damage or unevenness may affect the overall finish and longevity of the wrap. It's best to consult with a professional to assess the condition of your door before proceeding with the wrapping process. They may advise to undertake some filler work to smoothen the substrate before the vinyl application. An adhesion test should always be done to ensure the glue will stick properly to the doors and ensure longevity of the vinyl.

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