3M Select Gold Partners

Thanks to our years of hard work, dedication and professionalism, we are proud to announce that we have been selected as a 3M Select Gold Partner.

This means we will use only components such as films, inks, laminates and clear coats that have been tested and approved by 3M for total compatibility.

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The Matched Components System allows 3M and their partners to offer what is recognised as the strongest warranty in the graphics industry for the production of your warrantied graphics.

We have long advocated and supported 3M products and processes and will continue to work with 3M to push the boundaries and deliver innovative solutions to all our customers.

What does it mean to be a 3M Select Gold Partner?

You are entrusting your graphics to a 3M Select Gold Partner who has the appropriate hardware/system/software components for the production of SPP warrantied graphics. They also have a quality control production environment and storage facilities and invest in staff training.

Experience & Expertise

All graphics manufacturers who display the SPP Logo have signed up to a high standard of graphic production.

Compatibility, Guaranteed

A 3M Select Gold Partner will use only 3M Matched Components –these are the special inks, films, overlaminates/clear coats and masking tapes tested and approved by 3M for the production of your 3M SPP warrantied graphics.