Van Graphics

Van Graphics that make you stand out

Do you have a business you want to get noticed? Van graphics are a great way to promote your brand and business and drive enquiries straight through to you. It’s a constant outdoor advert that promotes your brand wherever you go meaning that whether you’re visiting a client, parked at your home or office or driving to your next appointment – you’re always advertising! In fact, it’s one of the most effective forms of advertising you can choose, because it’s always live and mobile meaning you reach many more eyes than traditional out of home advertising. Even better, it’s an investment you make into your brand – so as well as advertising what you do – you’re creating a uniform look across your fleet.

Van Graphic Design Is Limitless

The options really are limitless with vehicle wrapping and there are so many options available to you if you want to make sure your business gets noticed. Whether you simply want to display branding and contact details or want to fully wrap a vehicle – you can truly make it your own.

Some people even get inventive with their van graphics and create amazing optical illusions such as making it seem like you can look inside the vehicle or that their product is part of the vehicle or flying out of it. Your approach will really depend on the tone of your brand, but you can really be as creative as you like!

The Benefits of Van Graphics

As well as cost effective advertising, you’re creating a professional look for your business. A branded van or vehicle looks established and professional while a plain van blends into the crowd and has no presence or professionalism without context.

Branding is incredibly important for a business to establish its place in the market and what it aims to offer its clients and customers. It represents the audience you’re trying to reach, what you stand for and what you aim to provide with your service.

We have provided plenty of van graphics in the UK and abroad that achieve just this and build brand recognition of your business. You’ll be amazed at the number of enquiries you will receive as a result of people seeing your van.

Building a recognisable brand in your community allows you to build a following in the surrounding area and become the business people think of when they need your services. The brand sticks with them and is remembered when they need your services.

Expert Quality Graphic
Services in Essex

Joyce Design is based in Chelmsford in Essex and have helped to brand and wrap vehicles throughout Essex and beyond. We have provided van graphics throughout the UK and provide expert quality service every time. We will work with you to design something to your specifications, that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and ahead of your competitors.

We’ll then provide vehicle wrapping which will flawlessly show your branding with no bubbles or creasing and can easily be removed when you decide to rebrand or sell the vehicle on – leaving no lasting damage to the paintwork of the vehicle. It will not remove any quality paint work or leave residue – if removed correctly – which we are happy to do.

In fact, vehicle wrapping can actually be beneficial to the exterior paintwork of your car by protecting the paint from chips, scratches and fading as the wrap helps protect it from the elements – so not only are you investing in your brand but you’re protecting your vehicle – especially useful if you are leasing the vehicles.

The Best Van Graphics in the UK

If you’re look for the best van graphic design in the UK, look no further. At Joyce Design, we pride ourselves on stunning design and imagery and provide friendly and professional service every time. From your enquiry to the design process and vehicle wrapping we’ll communicate with you fully to ensure we can bring your vision to life and create something stunning. Look through our gallery of past designs to see just what we can do or call us to discuss your idea and we’ll work with you to bring it to life.


How long does vehicle wrapping last?

Vehicle wrapping can usually last for up to seven years or longer if well looked after. You can look after it well by cleaning it carefully by washing it with a sponge or clean soft cloth and rinsing with clean water, and dry with a microfibre cloth.

It is safe to use a pressure washer on vehicle wrapping, but be careful not to use excessive pressure. Keep 1m minimum away from the car and wash at 90 degree angle, no less.

It is important to include your logo as this promotes your brand and makes your business recognisable to others. Along with this, it is important to point people where to go for more information so include your website address.

If you want to monitor who visits your website after seeing the van, it is worth using a unique URL to give you some kind of idea – it is also important the web address is clear, direct and easy to remember – so the shorter the better! You should also include contact information such as a phone number and/or email address and if applicable your social media handles. A brief summary of the services you offer (bullet points and a strapline) is always recommend so that people know what you do better than your competitors.

Remember that this van is driving around so your information should be easy to read and easy to remember because some people will have just seconds to take it in. You want the key information large and bold to stand out and in the mind of the viewer. Don’t be tempted to use all the space to communicate everything and fill it with text, images make much more impact and are easy to remember – it will allow people to associate that image with your brand.

While a funny tagline or innuendo is memorable, be aware that you will be reaching a broad range of people including children and not everyone may appreciate it!

Vehicle branding is the most effective form of advertising.

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