How to Make Your Race Car Attractive to Sponsors

February 21, 2019
Read Time: 3 minutes

Sponsors are looking for maximum brand exposure in front of the right target audiences. Their brand must be represented in a way that is consistent with their other corporate branding, and this is where Joyce Design will deliver for your sponsors.

Allocating a budget for quality motorsport graphics will help you find better sponsors who in turn, will allow you to invest in the all-important research and development required to have the best possible technology on the car to get you to those podiums!

We pride ourselves on providing high-impact graphics and branding solutions for all types of motorsport vehicles, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. We use the best quality vinyl and vehicle wrapping to ensure the paintwork and panels are protected from chips and scratches that could take place in a race, whilst maintaining a professional and effective look.

Making You Stand Out on and Off the Track

Sponsors are looking for their brand to be represented in a consistent way, which is where we can help deliver for your sponsors through our motorsport graphic services.

Joyce Design are specialists in automotive graphics, providing a complete motorsport livery package including:

  • Bespoke car team livery with sponsor logos incorporated in the design
  • Trailer graphics to match car livery
  • Paddock graphics
  • Floor and wall graphics
  • Quick turnaround on accident repair graphics to get your cars back on the track

From the time the car leaves the pit lane for the first time to the podium, Joyce Design can make your image an unforgettable one.

What Makes A Good Motorsport Wrap?

Joyce Design’s dedicated motorsport division knows just how to deliver a wrap that will please you, your sponsors and the crowds!

• It is essential to understand racing teams and sponsors’ requirements before the design process begins.
• Well-designed car graphics will allow for maximum brand exposure with clear positioning of tier 1, 2 and 3 sponsors. This will make your pitch very clear to your investors.
• Using high-quality vinyl will keep your car wrap looking fresh, ensuring your sponsor logos are kept in good condition for media exposure.
• Clever designing will avoid costly graphics on high impact areas such as bumpers: save yourself money throughout the season with less accident repair graphics costs and quicker repair turnaround.
• An individual striking design will attract attention from the photographers and will increase your media exposure, therefore attracting better sponsors!

Branding Continuity for Your Team and Sponsors

Joyce Design can supply you with the following items to keep branding continuity for your team and sponsors across the paddock:

  • Pit board graphics
  • Wall and floor graphics
  • Garage and hospitality signage
  • Support vehicle graphics (trucks and trailers)
  • Accessories graphics (tool boxes, cases, etc)
  • Show & event vehicles

High Quality Motorsport Graphics

We only use the very best vinyl suited to each individual vehicle. We use vinyl with the right properties to ensure you receive a higher quality finish that lasts longer, depending on the graphics and their position on your vehicle.

Make Your Race Car Attractive to Sponsors

Our bespoke wraps at Joyce Design will help you to stand out both on and off the track. You can choose a simple or totally unique design; the decision is down to you! As motorsport graphic specialists, we are confident that we will be able to design a bespoke and eye-catching design for you, a piece of art that will be seen by hundreds and even thousands of people on and off the track. We work to a quick turnaround, so our team of dedicated installers can guarantee a quality finish in no time at all!

Interested in our motorsport graphic services? Call us on 01245 283843 to find out more!