Centralised POS Ordering

Centralised POS Ordering
for Dealer Groups

Large dealer group will have a central marketing department responsible for ensuring brand continuity across their retail network. Joyce Design are here to assist the Group Marketing team by becoming an extension of their department, understanding their need and providing cost-efficient solutions for all their promotional activities.



Having one supplier of point-of-sale material streamlines the buying process and reduces time spent on administrative tasks. With a centralised system, dealers can order brand-approved graphics quickly and efficiently with their Joyce Design dedicated account manager ensuring brand consistency across the dealer group.

Cost saving

By consolidating their buying power to 1 supplier, group marketing departments can negotiate rates based on volume orders and benefit from economies of scale. A central point of ordering also allows for better inventory management across the dealerships, avoiding overstocking / stockouts and reducing waste.


Centralised POS ordering allows for standardisation of processes and graphics across the dealer groups. This ensures consistency in branding, graphics coverage, pricing and ultimately will enhance customer experience and build trust in your brand.


As motor dealer groups expand and acquire new dealerships, centralised POS can easily accommodate growth. New locations can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system, ensuring consistency and cost-saving across the group.

Compliance and reporting

Having one trusted supplier working closely with your Group Marketing department ensure compliance with the brand regulatory requirements and industry standards. It also facilitates accurate reporting for financial and operational purposes, simplifying reporting and analysis.

Why Joyce Design?

Benefits of using Joyce Design

Joyce Design have worked with motors dealers since our humble beginnings and beyond. We understand the quick turnaround required and are able to make simple promo graphics look creative and on-brand.


Joyce Design have been supplying motor dealer graphics since our humble beginnings and beyond. Russell Joyce has been in this business for the past 30 years and developed trusted processes to support all marketing activities involved with the automotive industry, from motor manufacturers, large dealer networks to independent dealerships. Our customers include Nissan GB, McLaren, Mercedes UK, Lotus as well as the Mercedes Retail Group, Rates, Gates and many more.

Bespoke Ordering portal

We create bespoke price lists and ordering portals to suit the needs of our dealer groups. Single dealers can order pre-approved kits and POS items or the group marketing department can process the orders therefore keeping a tab on spending. Regardless, only brand-approved kits will be supplied, ensuring total brand and cost consistency throughout your dealer network.

Supply and fit UK-wide

Joyce Design work with dealers UK-wide: thanks to our vast network of approved installers, we can organise the installation of vehicle decals, showroom graphics and dealership signage anywhere in the UK. Alternatively, we can dispatch easy-to-fit promotional vehicle kits and POS direct to motor dealers. These kits can be made with bubble-free vinyl technology allowing for flowless application, even for beginners! For large orders, we offer controlled edge manufactured kits, helping with the positioning of the kits on the cars, where there no cutting of graphics is necessary.

Economies of scale

Joyce Design is one of the leading graphics companies in the UK and proud to be a 3M Platinum Select Partner. Thanks to our success in other areas of our business such as Fleet Graphics, we have secured strong buying power with our suppliers and have access to the latest film technology. We translate this into cost-savings for our customers in addition to imparting great industry knowledge. Our account management and production setup then allow us to offer significant cost savings on large orders.

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