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Joyce Design has developed highly cost-efficient interior design solutions to revamp your business premises. The idea is to utilise your existing furniture and spaces: we create original designs based on your branding and marry them up with advanced vinyl technology to literally transform your working environment. What might have looked tired and bland will be turned into a highly motivating and professional setting.

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3M DI-NOC trend lines are self-adhesive materials that are designed for refurbishing existing environments. Their fast application allows for cost-savings compared to new build projects particularly for the refurbishment of premises within the corporate, retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors, where downtime can be extremely costly.

Apply to virtually any surface

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This highly conformable film can be applied to 3D surfaces and has great resistance to dirt, water and general wear. This robust alternative to traditional refurbishment methods has a proven 12-year durability for indoor applications and up to 5 years for outdoors.

The range offers true-to-life natural finishes including metallics, fabrics, wood, leather, carbon and single colour finishes. With 100’s of finishes available, Joyce Design can offer a huge selection of films to breathe life back into any outdated environment.

Transform a space in a few hours with minimal impact to the immediate environment

KEY BENEFITS against traditional refurbishment methods

Easier to Repair
Damaged film can be easily repaired.

Less Mess
No demolition and minimal equipment required.

Cost Savings
Projects using DI-NOC™ can significantly reduce cost compared to traditional remodeling.

Less Noise
In many cases, installation can be completed without power equipment and other distractions.

Faster to Install
Minimal Preparation is required for fast product application.

Resurfacing Matters
Projects utilizing 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes may qualify for LEED certification credits.


Bring another dimension to your space by dressing plain walls and furniture with high definition printed images that will inspire and motivate your staff and visitors. Available in gloss, matte or wallpaper finish, these graphics are a cost-effective and dynamic solution to transform a room.

We can select high definition pictures from our extensive image library or create a bespoke piece designed for an intended purpose. Our talented designer will always exceed your expectations when it comes to creativity!

WALL and window GRAPHICS

In addition to printed wall wraps, why not dress you walls and internal windows with simple pre-cut graphics to reinforce your branding and purvey additional information. Made up of self-coloured, printed or etch vinyl. These can be company logos, informative statements, industry accreditations or inspirational quotes benefiting both customers and staff.

Make the most of your space by creating a clear and professional working environment.


Joyce Design offer a range of specialist window films designed for specific purposes:

Glass decorative film: the 3M Fasara range or silver etch film offer privacy to your internal glass partitioning in great fashion. These films can be cut to shape making up company branding and interesting designs on windows.

Sun control film: manufactured to create heat and glare reduction, these highly technical films will vary in their performance thus responding to your personal needs. They come in neutral or silver finish, both available for internal and external use.

Perforated printed film: this printable vinyl is designed for 1-way vision, allowing people to see out of a room without being seen themselves. As it is printable, it is the perfect medium to promote your brand and create privacy without losing visibility.

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What is Di-Noc?

Di-Noc is a self-adhesive film which has the ability to conform to a variety of flat, curved, smooth and rough surfaces. The self-adhesive customisable film can then be used to refresh walls, doors, panels, furniture, ceilings and virtually any other surface!

Di-Noc allows you to get creative and restyle your interiors and exteriors with customisable self-adhesive film. The cost-efficient interior design solution is perfect for transforming premises that need a quick turnaround, such as the corporate, healthcare and retail sectors.

Di-Noc can be applied to furniture and spaces, including walls, windows, panels, furniture and ceilings – to name but a few! With 100’s of finishes available, including metallics, fabrics and single colour finishes, Joyce Design have a huge selection for you to choose from to help transform any outdated environment.

The specialist team at Joyce Design are 3M Di-Noc approved installers, with the tools and techniques needed to apply 3M Di-Noc architectural and interior finishes. You can be confident that you will receive a complete makeover specific to your brand and industry to help transform the working environment in as little time as possible.

There are many advantages of choosing Di-Noc over traditional refurbishment methods, such as excellent resistance to water, dirt and wear. Di-Noc is also a popular choice to traditional refurbishment methods as there’s no noise, no mess, faster to install and easier to repair in small areas.

The self-adhesive film can be used indoors for up to 12 years, and outdoors for up to 5 years. Thanks to 3M’s advanced technology, Di-Noc is able to offer outstanding quality and durability, along with great peace of mind, so you can be confident that your new installation will look clean and sleek for many years to come!

Di-Noc is a great cost-effective alternative for businesses looking to refurbish existing environments. There are an infinite number of design possibilities, so allow Joyce Design to help transform your space with less downtime and less waste! Contact us today to find out more.

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